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"I took the leap and Carmen completely changed my opinion. She made me feel valid, with no judgement whatsoever. Nothing is too big or too small to work through, and she never pushes or forces you. Counselling has helped me identify what was holding me back and what needed to change, and as new situations arise I make sure to use the guidance she has given me. My communication skills have improved greatly, and I can see where counselling has had positive impacts in all areas of my life. Overall I feel like a great weight has been lifted and I can live my life to the full again"

K.W 2022

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“I was lacking contentment and motivation and was fearful of the future. My GP had suggested that I talked to someone professional and I found Carmen Roberts Counselling through the BACP website. Everything on the CRC website seemed to resonate with me so I decided to contact Carmen, and I'm so glad I did. It's been a long and at times difficult journey but Carmen has supported me every step of the way. The future can still feel a bit scary at times but through the therapy I received with Carmen I feel I am now much better equipped to deal with life and understand myself so much better."

J.H 2022

"Acknowledging the need to yourself is the first step in therapy, then finding the right therapist is the next. When I started my weekly sessions I didn’t dare to believe that together we would overcome a lifetime’s issues with such a resounding success. It’s so important to fully embrace therapy, and the tailored approach and gentle guidance made me feel that my thoughts were valid, that certain parts of my life had been traumatic and she gave me the confidence to discuss them without feeling judged. Therapy isn’t easy, it’s emotionally exhausting at times but the rewards for me going forward have made it worthwhile and given me a new found approach for which I am thankful.


T.R. 2021

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